Friday, August 27, 2010

Entry Closet

As I mentioned previously, the weather is beginning to change here.  It is no longer 90 degrees every day with 100% humidity.  It was almost as if a switch was turned once school started.  Anyhow, I love it.  I have the windows open, I can hear the crickets, there is a nice breeze, and best of more air conditioner (those are expensive to run).  Today I went to our hall entry closet.  

It is not my favorite closet, there are actually a lot of things wrong with it.  For starters, its too small.  Then there is the fact the door opens so that it blocks the ONLY light.  The linen closet is directly across the hall, and the hall is small...thank you 1980s home design.  I went to this closet because this is where we have to keep our dog food, in locked containers, behind a closed keep our lovely lab from eating himself to death.  When I opened the door, this is what I saw (I am sad): 

And this...

Ick.  There are coats, shirts, pants, hats, collars, name it its in there...including a waffle maker!  I decided something needed to be done, there had to be a better use of this space.  I pulled everything out and used the vacuum on the carpet.  Then I assessed the situation, my closet looked like this...

...but now, my living rooms looks like this...

The dog was not in the closet.  But he wanted to be involved.  AND, the mirror and plastic containers there were purchases today to complete the closet.  The first thing I did was sit down and sort.  What can go to goodwill, what has to be kept, what can be thrown away.  That's always liberating.  The things I wanted to keep were put into plastic boxes.  One for me, one for my sweet husband, and one for the puppies.  

I like that they are clear and you can see into them, but I wanted to decorate a bit.  So I took some white cardstock and cut it to fit, and decorated. 

They aren't perfect, but I liked this look better, I wish I had enough caps and lower case letters to make everything match...this is what I ended up with.  The next thing I had to address was the lighting.  Because the door opens in such a way that it blocks the hall light, and is far enough down the hall that it doesn't get the light from the kitchen or living room, its a very dark place.  This makes it hard to see, and find stuff etc.  I picked up two fluorescent lights, battery powered, at wally world for $4 each.  Not too bad.  They had screws to mount them on the wall, so I used:

I managed to drill holes, put the plastic anchors in, screw in the screws, and hang the lights...


Now with light, we can see what we are doing in here!  FINALLY!  The next thing was to hang the mirror and put everything back.  


I still need to paint and get some nicer hangers.  For now, this will do.  I already feel better about it.  Tomorrow I'm hoping to work on the other closet....

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My closet still looks like it did when I finished this, which is a huge accomplishment for us since its been 4 months! :) ...except I was able to purchase some AWESOME wooden hangers from biglots for $10. Yay!!! 


  1. Good job! Now you need to come help your dear mother with her house. Love you. Mom

  2. Very nice - love the idea of installing the lights.

    Great job!

  3. Love your paint color. You are too hard on yourself, it didn't look THAT bad! Are you liking the lights that you bought? I have been looking for lights for my pantry. I almost bought As Seen On TV LED tap lights, 3 pucks for 11 bucks. Are yours easy to switch on?


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