Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Hey Ya'll.  I'm Jessica.  Most people call me Jess-either way really works.  I'm a 20-something, newly married, southern gal.  I was born and raised in Kentucky, and its all I really know-I'd pretty much consider it God's country (I'm sure he does as well).

When my husband and I married last year, we sold my lovely older house (it needed a lot of TLC), and I moved into his newer home (its about 25 years old as opposed to mine which was 70 or so).  I really love this house-especially after we updated the kitchen!  However, he was a bachelor and lived with his brother, and the house showed that.  Absolutely no decorations.

Now, I have to break from this story a bit and explain my secret obsession.  It all started with my mother when I was in middle school.  She started to scrapbook.  She would take me to these crop parties where a bunch of women would sit and scrapbook ALL day.  It was awesome.  I loved it!  I found my secret obsession.  This, coupled with my undying love for thrift stores and flea malls...and today you have my crafting habit.  It hasn't really been a habit over the last 5 years because I worked full-time in several VERY demanding jobs.  I just didn't have the time or energy.

Well, I quit my job in November of 2008, and  my sweetheart and I married in April 2009.  With his encouragement, I started nursing school in August.  Since I've been back in school (I have two other degrees), I've needed an outlet.  Something I enjoy that can take my mind of the stress of school.  It started in October with a scarf.  Innocently enough.  Then I started to follow a sorority sister's blog (here), and my desire to refurbish, craft, and decorate has come to a head.

In the last week I have visited every thrift store in my town (total count is up to 7 I believe).  I have begun to redecorate our house with every project as I go.  It has been an awesome week, and I'm looking forward to updating with projects I'm working on as time goes by--and maybe some other fun things about life, and what I've learned along the way!!



  1. Hi Jessica!
    Hi! I came across your blog on The Girl Creative! I am excited to see I am not the youngest one on here :) I am excited to follow your blog, and anticipate new posts! Check out my blog too when you have a chance, I JUST started as well...


  2. Thanks for following me over at My Quarter Life Crisis! Welcome, and good luck with everything, I really look forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve!

    apparently only Jessicas are allowed on this blog haha

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