Thursday, June 17, 2010

Guest Post

Since my daughter is a sluggard and won’t write a new post, I will.  Actually, her time has been taken up with school and trying to get healthy.  As to the latter, she has sprained her ankle and now can’t run for another week and a half.  However, her garden is producing some wonderful things .   

She has gotten her baby groomed and clipped for the summer and is taking wonderful care of her husband and close friends.  


Decor at her house has not improved a great deal but I have put out some flowers and a few pots of vegetables (not that you want to see my stuff).  Even though she does not have time to write to you all, she does think of you and, I’m sure, writes messages to you in her mind… they just don’t make it to the Blog post.   




  1. Tell her I am thinking of her! Summer classes...God Bless her :)

  2. Ha! Pegge, I love you! You make me smile! And Jessica, I have the same feelings for you! :-)


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