Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Boys...and a Cat.

I know I have shared on multiple occasions my sweet boys (and Miss Kitty).  Today's post is for Debbiedoos blog and linky for our furry children...because every good mother likes to brag right?

This handsome boy is Brinkley.

This was taken last winter.  He loves the snow!  We think he is part husky and maybe a collie or something...AKA...mutt.  He is the best boy!  I LOVE him!!!  He's really smart, and loves to get into trouble.  I have had him for 4 years this April.  He was adopted from a local humane society, and when I got him, he was not white, scared of cars, and very timid around people.  However, with some love, tummy rubs, and treats, he loves people, and is very out going. 

Here is is tonight.  I'm sorry his eyes have that creepy "glow"....  My darling Husband has put Waylon's bandana on him because he thought Brinkley "felt left out not having a bandana."  haha!  I'm sure he's fine, and the bandana is the least of his concerns.  He also has his Christmas present in this picture.  He carries a toy around with him all the time, and one of his favorites are these loofa dogs.  We have to replace them every so often, but that's okay.  

This handsome boy is Waylon Dog.

Again, sorry about the creepy eyes!  He looks so sad, but trust me, this little boy has it MADE!  His tail is always wagging, and his ears *try* to move like his brothers.  He's my darling husband's dog.  We adopted him from the Kentucky Lab Rescue.  The lady who runs the rescue had driven to Michigan to get him from a high kill shelter and brought him back, the day before they were going to put him down.  We adopted him that weekend.  He is the best companion, and LOVES my husband.  He just loves me.  Ha!  And that's okay.  When my husband is home, Waylon will follow him around the house like a shadow and not let my sweet husband out of his sight.  

Case and point, as I'm taking this picture, my husband got up to go get ready for work, and I was no longer important to Waylon.  He has since followed my husband into the bedroom and perched himself on the bed while Hubby gets ready for work.  Our sweet Waylon has severe allergies to wheat/soy/ he gets a special diet of sweet potatoes, duck, and chicken food.  Sometimes he gets the salmon and rice food.  He loves chicken jerky!  He is our expensive child.

These two boys are my pride and joy!  I absolutely LOVE them.  I can't imagine not having a dog now that I have had these two.  You see, I have always had cats, and been a cat person.  I have never had a dog before Brinkley.  So in keeping with that, I have a cat.  When Hubby and I got married I had Brinkley and Belle.  

Meet Belle.

I know I've shared this picture of her before, but it is worth sharing again.  Anyhow, she isn't really photogenic...well, she just really is too lazy to have her picture taken.  She was not adopted, I was adopted by her.  She found me.  In 2003, we had a massive ice storm here in Kentucky.  No power for a week (seriously), massive damage, horrible weather (we are talking INCHES of ice on EVERYTHING here folks).  Well, this little kitty showed up at our house.  It was really cold this time of year, so I put her in the garage.  We already had one kitty at this time, and I didn't think my dad would appreciate it if I brought another one into the fold, but I couldn't leave her outside.  So in our garage she sat for two weeks before my dad found out.  By then, we were hers.  When my husband and I were married I brought my Brinkley and my Belle into the family.  My brother-in-law decided to call her Miss Kitty.  The name has since stuck, and she now answers to Belle or Miss Kitty.  Ha! 

So, here are a few more pictures of my loverly children to share with you!  (please forgive some of the quality, most all of them were taken with my cell phone because I can never remember to keep the camera handy!)

Seriously, this is how he lays most of the time. 

Riding in the car with mom. 

Sleepin' on her new thrown by the fire.

Taken this summer after Brinkley got his summer doo.

Merry Christmas 2010! haha!

Good night!


  1. that picture of the two of those handsome fellers, is priceless!!~ What great stories you have. I am so glad you shared a very special part of your lives with us all. I have laughed out loud tonight, teared up, and smiled from ear to fact my face may hurt tomorrow.
    FYI next Monday is my newbie linky there be square as they say:) I love that you love the south. I just did a post on that the other day. I'm a YANKEE but love living here in the South.


  3. All your babes are so cute and also lucky to have found a happy home! Our lab has allergies too! We think brown rice is a problem for her, and some protein sources. Of course, her favorite food is anything she finds in the woods! Your picture of Brinkley with his summer hairdo had me doing a double take--soooo funny! Your pets look so happy and loved. Enjoy them. Linda

  4. You're right, I can certainly see a Shiba Inu (which are cousins to Huskies) face on Brinkley like my Suki! Too Cute! That's definitely not Shiba hair, whatever it is makes for a cute combo though!

    Great fur babies! Love the pic of the cat and the remote!

  5. oh my gosh, such cute animals! of course your pups, but i am a cat lover for sure. how funny that your husband getting ready for work totally distracts your dog. stopping by from debbie's party!

  6. I absolutely love all your babies!! :)

    I'm a cat person too. But we recently just adopted my brothers pug and I never in a million years thought I could fall in love with a dog that fast!!


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