Monday, March 1, 2010

$9 chair makeover!

My wonderful husband bought me new kitchen appliances when we got married...and painted the cabinets, changed the hardware, added new knobs, installed a tile floor, painted, new ceiling fan, new lighting, and installed a new sliding glass was a wonderful present-and I helped with most of it.  I love my kitchen now-shades of blues and yellows with white accents.  LOVE IT.  But. We have a breakfast bar area, and two chairs that came with the house (my husband says they are the most expensive chairs he's ever bought..haha).  


That's one of the chairs.  Microsuade-dark wood...I hate these chairs.  The colors are all wrong, plus they collect hair, and one has a mysterious stain.   I've been looking for something in white wood-similar to the make of these.  I couldn't find anything for less than $50.  I'm in school.  We don't have $100 for two new chairs.  
I decided I could paint these chairs the same color as my cabinets (since I have a gallon of left over paint).  But what about the seats?  Well I love toile and my kitchen is blue and yellow with roosters...surely I can find something.  I did.  A discontinued Waverly fabric.  I purchased the fabric online for $9/yd and even got free shipping!  YES!  Once the fabric arrived I began my project.  

Mysterious Stain...


Once I removed the cushions I went to sanding.  The weather was sort of nice when I started this project sometime last weekend...


I then primed the chairs-in case you missed it-the best primer EVER is Porter Paints BlankIt.
I forgot to photograph the chairs primed etc...but I used two coats of primer and two coats of Advantage 900 (Porter Paint) in color: Mother-of-Pearl. 
While I was waiting for paint to dry, I recovered my seats in my beautiful fabric.


I was so impatient to see how the fabric would look on the chair-


Once everything was painted and dried (this took a few days because I was doing this between classes, clinicals, and studying-and it took about 30 minutes to paint each chair by hand each time I painted them) I put them back together...

(We still have MINOR things to completely finish the kitchen...vent covers-paint around the trim...)

...and another look at the roosters


Over all, I'm extremely happy with my chairs.  My total cost was:
Paint: $0-on hand
Fabric: $9/yd...chairs took one I have two left to make a valance with!

On a side note-today is March 1.  While that is an important day because it hopefully signals the return of spring in a few weeks-it also is my grandmother's birthday. 
She would have been 93 today.  She was an absolutely amazing woman, and someone who helped rear me and my sister and loved everyone!  I'm planning on writing a small entry about her later this week-

Happy Birthday MiMi! 

MiMi and PawPaw-I'm not sure when.  Sorry its a little distorted. 

Have a great day!


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  1. Those chairs are awesome. Love that fabric. Of course I love roosters and toile and that is both. Good job.

  2. love it! yellow and blue and white is always so cheerful. good job!

  3. thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment about my peddler's mall chairs. :) We have 3 very close to my house. The closest one, is the smallest and my favorite. Lots of junk there! I plan to paint and recover a seat for the brown chair. The other chair I will probably make a "garden chair"
    Your chairs turned out great! The fabric looks really nice with the color!
    ps thinking of you on your mimi's birthday

  4. Nice job on the chairs! The fabric is a nice contrast with the white. Joan

  5. about your cabinets -- the wooden valance comes off easily. Just open the cabinet doors and look on the inside, you'll see the screws holding it up. It's not structural so take it off! :)
    Then the valance is just a 1x3 board and a couple of little metal brackets. You can do it!

  6. Very pretty chairs! Don't you love it when you create something on a shoe-string budget? Found you through BNOTP blog.

  7. Oh I love them! I shared a chair that I re-did also, I haven't covered the seat yet because I ordered my toile online and am still waiting for it but I hope it comes out as lovely as yours!!!

  8. I wish I had room to refurbish stuff like these amazing chairs! Love them! I have a question for you, if you have a chance email me? Thanks Jess ;)

  9. The chair turned out great--I never tire of toile!

  10. Beautiful chairs. Thanks for sharing. Cheers, Lia

  11. These are so cute! Well worth the $9.

  12. WOW! They turned out beautiful! I'm a sucker for toile. I love it!!

  13. That fabric is to die for! Great job! :)

  14. The chairs turned out wonderful!

  15. Love the pattern and colors of your toile chairs. Very nice! Smiles, Marla

  16. These chairs are GORGEOUS and SO MUCH BETTER :) I love them!!! :)

  17. Thanks so much for linking up--doesn't that mystery stain make you wonder if some poor kid wet their pants sitting there?

  18. Thanks so much for linking up. The mystery stain makes me wonder if some poor little child had an accident while sitting in time-out on the chair :).

  19. They turned out amazing. I really like the fabric.

  20. Jess, stumbled on your blog and I love the chairs. I am originally from KY, south of Lexington. Now, a 40 something TX girl. Great to find you.


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