Monday, March 15, 2010

More Spring...

I love food.  I love baked food, fried food, candy, cakes, soups, and even salads!  I simply love food.  One of my favorite places to eat is cracker barrel, mostly for the biscuits.  A few weeks ago, Hubby and I had gone in for dinner.  After we had finished I was browsing the "store" for things I wanted.  I stumbled upon this beauty:

Okay, so it was only $20 each-but I wasn't crazy about the really green moss-but I hold a special place in my heart for blue hydrangeas.  I had seen a few tutorials on topiaries, and figured I could do one as a hydrangea instead of greenery.  It would be the perfect size for a centerpiece, or to place on an end-table or something.  I'll figure that part out later.  The first thing is... pots. 

At first I thought a tarra-cotta.  I happen to have two of them.  I painted them brown and stenciled on flourish.  

Next I used two styrofoam  balls from the DT. 

Awesome.  Next I added some pretty hydrangeas...ONE BLOOM AT A TIME...I mean, I guess I could have just stuck the whole lot on there in bunches, but that wasn't what I wanted.  Its important to use glue as well-this can be a painful process, but I discovered, if you cover in a pattern-start at the hemisphere, and work your way out to both ends, your coverage is better and its a little more organized.  Unfortunately I did not discover this until after I had covered the first ball.  
I picked up these silks at the DT as well.  It took 4 or 5 to cover a 2" and 1" ball.  Very worth it.  I stuck the balls on my dowel rod, and stuck the rod in the pot.  I wasn't satisfied with the pot.  So I went to HL.  I LOVE this store.  This week they had all wooden pots 50% off.  SCORE!  So I found this adorable set.  Re-inserted the dowel and got:
Please do not mind Brinks...he wanted his picture taken.  I covered the base with spanish moss and added some glitter eggs for Easter.  I think I am going to cut the height of this just a bit...

So-what do you think? My first topiary!

Tomorrow I'll be adding something's a hint. 


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  1. Very pretty, I love the pot you got for it too :-)

  2. I think you did a very good job! It looks great!
    Rebekah @All Thingz Related

  3. How adorable! I just love this!! Thanks for following my blog! I am definately becoming a fan of yours!

  4. That is super cute and I love how you used two balls! Thanks for the great idea!

  5. I love the yellow one...they are both so springy! What a fun idea. Can't wait to try it.

    Jennie @ Cinnaberry Suite

  6. You did a great job!! Loveing the yellow one..


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